Ernst & Young LLP Special Report, Wage and Tax Reporting, Year-end

Correcting the 2019 Form W-2: When, why and how

By now, employees have received their Forms W-2, are in the process of filing their federal, state and local tax returns, and may have identified some errors. That means that this is the time of year that payroll professionals have questions about how to prepare Forms W-2c under different scenarios.

Here to assist is Ernst & Young LLP’s special report, Why, when and how to correct the 2019 Form W-2.

In this handy publication you can learn how to fix these common 2019 Form W-2 errors:

  • Excess contributions to a Health Savings Account
  • Excess contributions to a qualified retirement plan (e.g., 401(k))
  • Excess contributions to a health flexible spending account
  • Excess contributions to a dependent care assistance flexible spending account
  • Missing or incorrect employee name or Social Security Number
  • Error in employee and/or employer name or address
  • Incorrect reduction in federal income tax withholding in connection with a gross-up after the close of the tax year
  • Incorrect Employer Identification Number or tax year
  • Error in Additional Medicare Tax or federal income tax withholding
  • Excess Social Security tax withheld

You can also read about:

  • Form W-2c mechanics
  • Timing for correcting errors
  • When small-dollar de minimis errors don’t have to be corrected
  • Penalties for filing late or incorrect Forms W-2
  • Employer liability for tax preparation and other costs incurred by employees because of a Form W-2c
  • Considerations when issuing a replacement Form W-2
  • Other payroll tax returns affected by a Form W-2c

Click on the link below to download the special report:

Why, when and how to correct the 2019 Form W-2.